7 habits that will make you sleep like a baby

“Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together”

Thomas Dekker

Within the last years there has been a lot of discussions concerning our sleeping habits including how much time we should spend asleep and how to improve the quality of our sleep. For me sleeping has not always been pleasant and when I was younger I tend to wake up tired every single day even after a long night of sleep.

Living in a small village in Nepal made me realize that maybe I was not planning my sleep very well. Therefore I started digging in to how I could improve my own sleep. The journey of optimizing the quality of my sleep has given me these 7 habits I tend to stick to in order to give myself the best conditions for a good night’s of rest:

  1. No caffeine after 12pm
  • Coffee, Redbull and even most teas are filled with caffeine and the “problem” with caffeine is that it affects you for up to 10 hours after consumption. Therefore, no drinks with caffeine after noon.

Tip: If you are a sucker for a hot drink after lunch or dinner try a cup of decaf coffee or tea.

  1. No eating after 8pm.
  • When your body is rebuilding during the night it certainly does not want to digest heavy food. Therefore, avoid snacking after 8pm.

Tip: If you can not resist snacking; eat yogurt with fruit or cereal with milk.

  1. Limit alcohol consumption in the evening
  • We all know that a beer or a glass of red wine makes us feel a little tired or even dizzy. However, a vital step to a greater sleep quality includes the first step called rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. The body needs to restore itself and alcohol can interfere with this. That is one of the reasons why you might wake up tired after consuming only a few drinks the night before.
  1. No electronic devises after one hour before bedtime
  • Before sleeping you want to slow down your brain and your body after a long stressful day. First step to slow down is to stay offline. Instead, pick up a book or listen to peaceful relaxing music.
  1. Fall asleep with fiction books
  • Normally I tend to prefer non-fiction to fiction but before sleeping I have found it much easier to prepare my body for falling asleep when reading a fiction book. Therefore, I save my personal development books till the next day.
  1. Exercise every day
  • A daily excise is a game changer! Not only is exercising great for your overall health but it also helps you fall asleep faster at night. And furthermore, you will also be able to enjoy a deeper sleep.

Tip: Beware not to exercise too close to bedtime. Hard psychical exercise just before going to sleep might have an impact on you ability to slow down your body.

  1. Keep your bedroom cold
  • Experts from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine advice you to think of your bedroom as a cave: cool, quite and dark. The reason why is that the cold induces you to sleep. But have in mind that it should not be so cold that it feels uncomfortable because this might wake you up in the middle of the night.

Thanks for making it to the bottom of the page and for letting me introduce you to my sleeping habits. Now, please share your own thoughts and ideas about getting the best quality of sleep possible 🙂



Why you should get rid of your TV?

Just hanging there on your wall doing nothing else than waiting for you to turn it on. With more channels than you can remember (or cover in one month for that matter) the TV just seems like a thing with limitless possibilities, right? I’m sorry to reveal this thing for you: It is not! The television has become the most time consuming item in the world and we have been too busy noticing.

18 months ago I saw a survey that indicated that Danish human beings on average were spending 3,5 hours a day watching television. Three and a half hours! Every day. Every week. Every year. If you reach 80 you would have spend 11 years of your life watching goddamn television……..

I was paralysed for days. Trying to tell myself that these stats of course excluded such a bright you man as me (yeah right). Well, it did not! I figured out that I was almost as bad as the average Dane averaging three hours a day during a typical week. So, from one day to another I decided to throw out my big xx” flat screen TV.

First it was really weird. Then it became frustrating. But then one day I truly enjoyed that I didn’t have to think about watching TV again (at least when I’m home). It is basically like saying goodbye to anything else addicting like sugar, cigarettes or checking your phone all the time. The difference, however, is that you might not be aware that watching television is just as bad as the other addictions because while the other ones clearly are bad for you the television seems somehow unharmfull.

10 reasons for why you should throw out your TV

So, I will hereby invite you to throw out your TV and join this new club of no-television-in-house-peps. Like every other habit we want to change it takes a great deal of discomfort but by this active choice of yours I can guarantee you that after some time you will find yourself enjoying not spending every evening watching the same stupid programs that you of course know do not help you grow as a human being.

Furthermore I will give you 10 reasons for why I believe your life will improve – and how you can spend your hours instead – without a television.

1. If you are an average watcher you will now have 3 1/2 hours of free time every single day that you can spend on whatever you want!

2. If you decide to quit this habit you will be more aware of what else you are spending your hours at.

3. No TV gives you more time to read great books(!).

4. It freezes up time you can spend excising or running and can give you a more healthy lifestyle.

5. It gives you hours and hours you can spend with the people you love.

6. You can actually save some money with no monthly payment for cabel-TV and maybe even earn some bucks by selling your old flat screen TV!

7. You will automatically be more interested in all your other habits – and how you can change them, too.

8. You will simply have more time to spend with nature and mother earth.

9. You will spend less time sitting passively watching and more time taking active choices of yours.

10. Last – but not least – I truly believe that by getting rid of your TV the quality of your life and happiness will improve dramatically!

Thanks for making it to the bottom of the page. Since this is my first blog post I will love to receive comments or critique – and of course let me know if you are now considering throwing out your television! If you actually decide to get rid of your TV coffee is on me next time we meet 🙂